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Martin Jones was one of the first to breed falcons in the U.K. and has built up a superb breeding stock of proven blood lines. Where possible all the breeding birds are known performers, having proved themselves over successive generations right back to the original founder wild stock. Consequently it has been uniquely possible to select for individual hunting characteristics. Any falconer will tell you that of a random sample of birds, only a few will reach expectations at a particular quarry. Careful breeding and selection has enabled us to improve upon this and match birds to the individual falconers needs with a very high degree of success; be it grouse in Scotland, partridges in Spain, houbara in the Middle East, or rabbits, pheasants, crows and rooks in a variety of different habitats. Many of the breeding birds are in natural pairs. Some imprints are also kept for artificial insemination, principally to produce hybrids. To ensure correct behavioural characteristics all young are parent reared, or foster parent reared in the case of hybrids. Falcons may also be pen hacked to special order.



We hold breeding stock of all four colours of these large, powerful falcons . White, Black, Silver and Grey, most of which have been hunted very successfully themselves.


Primarily .Scottish type. falcons. We also have a few with a proportion of Peale.s and some with a small percentage of Barbary genes. Game Hawks are bred from consistently high mounting stock. Rook / Gull Hawks are produced from lines which have proved their ability and tenacity at flights .out of the hood..


We are now breeding a few of these excellent little falcons. They make superb small game hawks.


Limited production based on top quality Cherrug / Altai stock of proven hunters from the Middle East. Good size and colour.


Limited production of high quality falcons bred from proven parents who were formerly excellent flying-display falcons.


We currently have two breeding pairs of these little falcons. Bred from lines that have proved to be excellent in the field.

Hybrid Falcons

Peregrine / Saker

Excellent all round falcons able to hunt successfully in both open and relatively enclosed areas. As the first breeder of these falcons in the U.K, experience has shown that they are uniquely adaptable to a large range of quarry. Ideally suited to houbara in the Middle East, or rooks, crows, pheasants, partridges, magpies, etc in Britain and Europe.

Gyr / Peregrine

A fast and powerful falcon. The males make excellent game hawks in Britain and Europe, whilst the females are perfect for flying at larger prey, e.g. houbara, gulls, etc. Colours: Black, White, Grey, Silver.

Gyr / Saker

Females are much sought after for flying at larger quarry, e.g. houbara, gulls, etc. The males have proved to be excellent rook and crow hawks, as well as showing immense aptitude to wait-on for game. Colours: Black, White, Grey, Silver.


Harris Hawk

Bred from large hunting birds. All our young Harrises are left with their parents until five to six months old, to reduce the risk of screaming. Few other breeders are prepared to do this, but our Harrises are pleasant to handle and often out-perform others trained at an earlier age. Produced from unrelated pairs, carefully selected for trainability and their prowess in the field.

Guide prices are currently being revised - please email: martin@falconryonline.com for latest stock and information.

Please telephone, fax or email to confirm price and / or availability of any bird required before sending a booking fee. Prices shown are only a guide and apply to birds ex aviary for sale within the U.K. and European Community. For sales outside European Community please ask for quotation.. Discount: 5% - 2 or more birds. 10% - 5 or more birds. All birds parent reared (we do not creche rear). However, birds may be purchased at an early age for imprinting. Birds for imprinting must be collected before 21 days old. N.B. Regret we cannot imprint birds for customers. Any hacking and training are charged according to cost and risk.


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